Star 50 Handbags – Purse Designs For Your State

I recently wrote about Recycled Purses and noticed a great interest in it. It got me to delve a bit further into unique purse designs and without having to go too far, I ran into some information about the Star 50 Handbags by designer Amity Cooper. While not exactly recycled, they are novel. Everyone loves a conversation piece, and these are sure to get some conversations started. Her inspiration for the handbags came about after 9/11 with an effort to create a personal handbag from various states. These are handbags women can feel proud to wear. From the funky snake skin to the clean and sleek weave, the designs are refreshingly unique. Many come in a variety of colors and prices seem to have a pretty wide range, starting at under $30 to over $100.

Alaskan Trapper – You won’t want to release this catch. This comfortable hobo comes in bold earthy colors, has a camouflaged printed leather strap that is adjustable and is made of a tough canvas that’s look is softened with its ruched detailing.

Arizona Rattler -The wild west comes alive in this soft leather tote. It is embossed with a rattlesnake print. Even down to the finest details, the interior is a beautiful turquoise and copper studded stars.

Florida Bag-a-kini Set – Turn heads with this duo. Supple leatherette, the top is a clever clutch designed like a bikini top and the bottom is the fashionable bag. Perfect for vacations or just a stroll through the mall. This is one bikini you won’t mind wearing everywhere you go.

Hawaii Weekender – This generous tote is made of canvas with leather strapped pockets and light wooden handles. The tote comes in a variety of island inspired colors and has a lively tropical print on the interior.

Indiana Road Tripper – Start your engines. This little pink Cadillac inspired purse comes complete with a seatbelt embellishment, soft powder pink interior and silver coated leather trim. Truly perfect for the woman on the go.

Iowa Sweetberry – Sweet and simple, this little faux leather and canvas clutch is going to go with you everywhere. It comes in a variety of berry like colors, including a sage like green. Yummy.

Maine Companion -This fabulous tote boasts six outer compartments and could practically keep anyone organized. It’s perfect for taking with you for all those ‘on the go’ occasions. Its classic colors are tan canvas, with red checked pattern and dark marine blue interior/trim. From sandy sandals to sippy cups, the nylon interior will make this piece one you are happy to have along with you on your outings.

Missouri ‘Creve Coeur’ Clutch – Charming and sweet, this leather clutch comes in many colors with a very feminine flair. The gold chain is removable depending on your preference and it is embellished with a broken heart key chain which is symbolic for warding off disappointment.

North Carolina Kitty Tote – Named after the Wright Brothers first successful flight near Kitty Hawk, this bowling ball inspired tote is the perfect overnighter. This tote currently comes in; black, blue, red, tan.

Texas Star Clutch -This eye catching pink leather/nutmeg suede/wool tweed piece is all wrapped up into a fabulous yet functional clutch. It is perfectly finished with the Texas Lone Star.

Wisconsin Porter – Classic and unique, this very simple design is carried on a wooden dowel like rod. Its tough nylon exterior is full of surprises when you peek inside and see the cheerful print interior. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

The purses listed above are just a sampling of what the company has to offer. 50 Star has a section where you can vote for your favorite upcoming designs as well as an option to have a purse party to gain extra discounts.

So many choices. How many purses do you have in your collection?

Hair Styling for Proms Wedding and Special Events

No matter how gorgeous a dress you are wearing, if your hairstyle is not trendy and fashionable, you don’t stand a chance to be the stunning attraction of your homecoming or prom. Hairstyles can change the way you look no matter what outfit you are wearing. If you are heading for a prom night, going to a wedding or have some special event lined up, step into a good parlor for some beautiful hairstyles.

Hairstyles change very fast and latest ones keep coming up like fire! But you need to be very selective when you choose one for your face. There are so many different types of hairstyles that not all of them will look good on every woman/man, the parameters for assessment being, age, facial shape and gender. A professional hairstylist can select the best style for you. Cool bob hairstyles, ruffled styles, short cropped hairstyles, sharp layered or statement layered styles, versatile glam hairstyles with waves/ tendrils, sleek look styles, pinned up styles or the twisted fun hairstyles – all are great options for fashionable and trendy young ladies.

It is important to choose a good salon with a stellar reputation for a good style that can leave a lasting impression. If you are looking for prom hair styles that look great ensure that you go to a salon which does not charge you a bomb and still offer nice and fast styles for a chic impression. Good salons have a wedding hair stylist who can attend to special event hair styles. Make an appointment with him prior to your visit and let him know the exact look that you want. Whether or not he needs to wash your hair for styling is a big factor in determining the price. So if you want to save up on that, wash your hair an hour before you visit the salon. He can also show you some gorgeous hairstyles which is easy on budget and time.

If it’s your prom or wedding night, yes, you do need that special hairstyle. It is very important to highlight your make-up and dress and you can leave an enduring impression if you take care to look special. Visit salons with specialist service for prom hair styles and make your prom an unforgettable experience. A good wedding hair stylist from a reputed parlor can give you the best elegant style at an affordable cost and the shortest of time. If you are a bride or a prom girl, you need to look striking and he can ensure that you do!

Glamorous hairstyles need not be very expensive and time-taken but need to be done by an expert, if you want swiftness, style and class. A wedding hairstylist can not only enlighten you on prom hair styles/ wedding hairstyles but also offer you excellent hair care, hair style and make-up tips too!

Fashion Goddess Rules – When to Buy Black Dresses on Sale

So you might as well get a good deal on it. Fashion Goddess Rule # 51 is: Know when to buy black dresses on sale.

Unlike other colors, finding apparel in this one AND on the clearance rack is tricky. The rules are not as clear-cut because it is pretty much always all the rage. But it can be done.

Black is the color of depth. Women wear it on job interviews and girls wear it when they graduate. There is a seriousness about it that exudes experience and it has a maturity that is unspoken. Think about this – you almost never see very young children wearing it.

It also signifies luxury. If you go out to an opera, an art gala, or a classical concert it will be the predominant shade of choice. It brings to mind tuxedos and regal attire on guests dripping with diamonds.

It also signifies culture. Rock musicians wear it almost exclusively. As do groups with certain lifestyles. It has the ability to instantly clue the public into the type of person you are.

There is an inherent modishness about the hue. That’s why it’s a celebrity favorite on the red carpet and why if you go out to a nightclub, over half of the ladies will be donning it. And its slimming properties are notorious. What woman hasn’t bought an outfit in this color to give her body the illusion of perfection?

It also happens to work well in every materiel. Silk, chiffon, cotton, and charmeuse all look gorgeous in it. There are even some types of leather and denim available in this shade. This is because it’s easy to hide stitching flaws, so the craftsmanship doesn’t have to be top-notch.

For all of these reasons, designers love to design with it and why retailers will always be able to sell black clothing. So why should they ever give you a price reduction on it? Well there do happen to be certain instances when you’ll be able to find black dresses on sale.

One important fact to note — black absorbs sunlight and has a heating effect. Because of this, it’s typically not a spring or summer hue. Also, it’s not a color that looks good in direct sunlight. If you can find flaws in it, they will be revealed when there is light shining on it.

So shopping during the summer will yield you maximum savings. This is not only a seasonal factor but a geographical one as well. If you live somewhere where it’s warm all year long, you should be able to find clearance items during every month. This tip will work for you in states like Texas and Arizona.

California is another subject. This is because big cities with lots of cultural events will rarely reduce their prices. Los Angeles, New York and Chicago will be difficult locations for you to shop and save cash. But sticking to the summer rule might help.

No matter where you live, fall and winter are the worst times to get these savings. This is the time when the hot, new black collections will be in all the magazines and shop windows and they will be full price. It would be wise for you to wait until the weather starts to change. Good luck!

Southwestern Style Fashion

The southwestern style tends to be the style that has always been there whenever people need comfort. It is all about warm colors and simple designs. No wonder so many people like this style. Designers of southwestern fashion purposely created clothing that will help consumers feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, the southwestern style is also about being chic and colorful. Classic dress silhouettes, zigzag patterns, and printed feathers are just some of the elements incorporated with this style. Glamorous clutches and ankle-strap sandals are fantastic additions, as well.

If you want to wear southwestern style garments, choose pieces in red, white, and black. However, you may also choose tan and turquoise for a more colorful twist. The southwestern style is about warm colors, intricate native designs, and tightly woven fabrics. This style is actually a complex mix of various cultures from New Mexico and Arizona. The vibrant colors incorporated in this style were inspired by the colors and natural beauty of the desert landscape. The rich yellows and reds represent the desert vegetation and the clay soil. The earth tones such as grays and browns, on the other hand, represent the dry and arid desert.

Along with clothes come extras and accessories. Gray and brown purses are ideal to be worn with southwestern style clothing. A purse like these is truly a must-have for a woman who is a cowgirl at heart. Handbags make great accessories, as well. These items certainly make a statement. In addition, these pieces are not just aesthetically appealing; they are also functional. So, you may wear a purse or a handbag everyday to carry your belongings and show off your southwestern style at the same time.

Aside form purses and handbags, you may also want to invest in belts. Fine-looking brave belts are just what you need to complete your southwestern style fashion. Of course, you have to choose belts that are in earth colors. You may choose from light brown to black. Plain belts are alright, but you may also want them to have cool buckles and intricate designs. Buckle designs that go from rock star to cowboy are the best. These designs are, in fact, among the most sought-after designs.

Furthermore, you may want to get southwestern style cuffs. Originally, cuffs were not part of this style. They used to be present in punk fashion alone. However, the emo and punk styles have influenced the mainstream style and turned cuffs into must-haves. Today, cuffs have actually been making quite an impression particularly on the concert and club scenes of every major city in the United States. Thick leather cuffs with metal studs are the most popular. You can also define your personality by wearing a cuff around your wrist.

The Versatility Of Turquoise Jewelry Makes It Ideal For Fashion

Turquoise is renowned for its blue and green colors and for being on the top rank among all of the opaque stones. It is also the birthstone for the month of December. Today, however, turquoise is available in different wonderful colors. Arizona and Mexico are currently the major producers of this precious stone.

This very attractive semi-precious stone is actually mined in many countries around the world with the clear blue turquoise from Persia believed to be among those of the highest quality and value. Turquoise produced from India’s mines is colored green while those from China come in different hues. Those mined in the southwestern part of the U.S. also come in varying colors and qualities. In the U.S., this semi-precious stone has been a major part of the Native American culture that spanned thousands of years.

Origin of color

There are reasons behind the turquoise’s original blue and green color. They point to how the stone was formed on rocks that contain minerals like copper and aluminum. The blue turquoise means that it was formed with the presence of copper while the green hue means that it has more aluminum. The yellow-green combination, which is a rare mix, means that zinc was present during its formation.

Meanwhile, the black markings you see on the stone are actually the so-called matrix or the rock in which the turquoise formed in. And note that the matrix is not always black. It can also be of different hues such as brown and yellow as the turquoise usually forms in varying types of rock.

The various colors of turquoise available today in jewelry are already a result of color treatments. Chemicals are normally involved in the process to improve or change the color of the stone.

Use in jewelry

Turquoise is popularly used in jewelry these days. Most of them, however, have already undergone some kind of treatment or enhancement. This treatment is actually what makes the turquoise jewelry more affordable to women who prefer a combination of gold, silver and precious stones. Natural turquoise stones are very expensive because of their high quality and if jewelry designers will exclusively use only the natural ones, many women won’t be able to afford them at all.

Turquoise jewelry may come in individual pieces or sets such as a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. In making a fashion statement, using the set or just your preferred piece can make a woman fashionable and appealing.

Buying and caring tips

Turquoise jewelry can make a great gift to a young lady or woman whatever the occasion may be or even without an occasion. Make sure that you buy your turquoise from reputable stores with staff knowledgeable about the vital aspects of the stone. This stone is commonly imitated that it’s sometimes hard to decipher between the genuine and the imitation so be very careful and don’t be shy to ask.

Proper handling is always key to maintaining a jewelry’s quality. Avoid storing your turquoise together with other gemstones or materials that might rub against the stone and cause damage. Store them away from chemicals and high heat. When cleaning, use only warm water and dry it right away using a soft cloth.